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I'm working on a post about the hit-and-miss nature of purchasing from eBay and what should arrive today but one of my eBay gambles.

We heard the mail truck stop at the house and I knew Dan was expecting something from CW Pencils, but it turned out to be a package that needed a signature, which he signed for. My vintage Sailor 21 arrived ("were you expecting something with Japanese writing on it?"). ūüėČ  I wasn't expecting this to arrive until next week!

Sailor 21 Black Fountain Pen with Gold
Sailor 21 Fountain Pen

I had been watching a few with EF nibs, and dropped many from my buy list as the bids went higher. I really didn't think I would win this one because I kept my max rather low compared to those I'd seen sell previously.

I failed to do due diligence in researching the pen after I won it. I don't have any ink cartridges that fit the pen. What a tragedy!

I've located the type cartridges to use with it, but that means waiting for them to arrive. Sadly, though the Pilot Mixables are the correct diameter, they are too long. I'm going to have to dip the nib to try it out.

After listening to Brad on the Pen Addict Podcast, among others, describe the differences in nib sizes, I decided that if I could locate something like this little Sailor within my budget I'd love to try one. Another passion of mine is miniatures — the 1/12th scale ones for dollhouses — and I wanted to see just how fine it could write.


...and the conversations that caused me to start a[nother] blog...

This post (a long one!) has bubbled up mostly in response to the Pen Addict podcast #194 and the Reverenced Writing post Letter to the Pen Addict Community.

Though a pen show novice, I am not unfamiliar with trade shows overall. I've had the pleasure of attending a variety of them since I opened my own dollhouse & miniature shop at the age of 16 (and fought for entry, to be able to spend money on stocking that store when the show "rules" stated I couldn't attend until I turned 18! I know a bit about being the 'new guard').

From the small shows, to attending the Hannover Messe (enormous... nay, ginormous!) when I was an exchange student in Germany, they all have their charms and pitfalls. I've been a vendor at a few as well. ...continue reading "Old Guard, New Guard and a Pen Show Novice"

Fountain pens, dip pens, inks...

There are a wonderful range of colors to write with when you expand beyond the standard ballpoint or rollerball. But it isn't just the range of colors, it's the range of expressiveness a fountain pen can have.

It is a world that fascinated me early, before my teens, when I had the opportunity to attempt calligraphic writing. My mom ran a children's program (fodder for an entirely different type of blog one day perhaps) and I had exposure to some extremely cool experiences and some very talented artists and crafters due to that.

...continue reading "A Rekindled Passion"

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