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Platinum 3776 Century Bourgogne with UEF nib.
Platinum 3776 Century Bourgogne with UEF nib.

eBay can be a great resource—if you know what you are looking for. The latest modern pen I acquired there was a Platinum ultra-extra-fine 3776 Century Bourgogne with a 14k nib. I managed to get it for an extremely reasonable price, given it was shipping from Japan. It cost less than those available on Amazon, as well as at other online sellers, for the gold nib version I was after.

Since Dan and I have begun restoring pens as well, buying auction lots on eBay has yielded some wins and some losses. Overall I have been fairly lucky in the quality of pens I've managed to snag. There have been nice vintage ones available in the last few months, good prices and good quality. Most of them will be quick to restore, others not as quick or necessarily easy (or in some cases not even worth attempting, though the rest of the lot was worth getting despite the dud or two included). ...continue reading "The Hit-and-Miss of buying on eBay"

...and the conversations that caused me to start a[nother] blog...

This post (a long one!) has bubbled up mostly in response to the Pen Addict podcast #194 and the Reverenced Writing post Letter to the Pen Addict Community.

Though a pen show novice, I am not unfamiliar with trade shows overall. I've had the pleasure of attending a variety of them since I opened my own dollhouse & miniature shop at the age of 16 (and fought for entry, to be able to spend money on stocking that store when the show "rules" stated I couldn't attend until I turned 18! I know a bit about being the 'new guard').

From the small shows, to attending the Hannover Messe (enormous... nay, ginormous!) when I was an exchange student in Germany, they all have their charms and pitfalls. I've been a vendor at a few as well. ...continue reading "Old Guard, New Guard and a Pen Show Novice"

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