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For Sale

Modern Pens:

Lamy 2000 - Fine nib

Great pen for the right person. Very gently and briefly used. We wanted to love this one but, since we are looking for larger diameter sections to accommodate  grouchy arthritis in a thumb, it just doesn't work for Dan. It needs a good home where someone will put it to use. Original box and papers.

Lamy 2000 with box Lamy 2000 Fine nib pic 2 Lamy 2000 nib
Lamy 2000 - Fine nib $90.00 + shipping*

Waterman Phileas - Medium 2-tone steel nib

Never inked. Mint condition NoS black with gold. Original box, papers, & converter included. This is a great everyday writer. I have two other Phileas pens and I just don't need another. It's never going to get inked here and into rotation.

Waterman Phileas Fountain Pen Medium Nib Black Waterman Phileas nib Underside of Waterman Phileas Nib
Waterman Phileas - Medium 2-tone steel nib $42.00 + shipping*

Vintage/Antique Pens:

Esterbrook J - Grey with 2556 nib

Restored with a new sac, clean nib with good tip. This grey is heading just a tiny bit olive. The first two photos below are closest to the correct color representation. Light and camera angles make capturing Esterbrook colors accurately a tad challenging.  Will be a nice starter pen or daily writer. No bite marks and minimal nicks or surface wear. Not the strongest imprint of the Esterbrook branding, but it's still visible. Jewels are in great shape.

Esterbrook Fountain Pen Esterbrook J Fountain Pen showing nib Esterbrook Fountain Pen - jewels
Esterbrook J - Grey
2556 nib
$29.00 + shipping*



Prices are plus sales tax if you are a Pennsylvania resident.

This goes to my PayPal account from my Renaissance Festival days, so don't be alarmed that it is when the PayPal page comes up. I'll be notified and your item(s) will be shipped to you as quickly as I can manage. 😀

I'm really new at dealing with PayPal in this way, and selling things via my own website, so let me know if I'm not meeting your expectations for communication about your purchase. I have no idea if I have things set up correctly for you to receive order confirmations (still figuring that out) but I will definitely provide tracking when your item(s) ship!

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