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Work in Progress: a place to gather info on some of our collection and provide references to informative sites out there on the net. Primarily about fountain pens, but dip pens will sneak in as well.


We have a small collection developing of these stalwart vintage fountain pens.

Variety of Esterbrook fountain pens
Variety of Esterbrook fountain pens

The Esterbrooks in this first picture are (left to right):

  • Gray purse pen (CH model, I have yet to see a clipless H version of this pen)
  • Dubonnet red SJ
  • Cobalt blue J
  • Pearl gray J
  • Black J

The nib is a 1554, new in box.

As referenced by Richard binder, not only are there a range of sizes, but also a range of colors. I'm still on the lookout for some variations in both size and color.

A selection of Esterbrook purse pens
A selection of Esterbrook purse pens

The pens in the picture to the right are 4 of the colors of purse pen. Three are early colors, one with it's matching pencil and pouch, the 4th is the second generation, which had darker colors.

The colors are:

  • Gray (1st generation)
  • Aqua (1st generation)
  • Peacock Blue (2nd generation)
  • Orchid (1st generation) - with pencil and pouch


esterbrook fountain pen nib chart
Esterbrook nib list - not complete, btw.

Sites of interest:

  • a compendium of information gathered and shared by Brian Anderson, of Anderson Pens.
  • Esterbrook Wikipedia - well, basically the wikipedia page about Esterbrook. 😉
  • Richard Binder's Esterbrook J page - A very nice overview of the J family of Esterbrook pens.
  • The Esterbrook Project -  from their site: "THE PURPOSE of The Esterbrook Project is to create as complete of a list as possible of all the Esterbrook dip pen nibs that have been manufactured over the years. I decided to generate this list of the dip pen nibs manufactured by the Esterbrook Pen Company and enlist the help of the Internet in adding to this list."

Other reference materials:

The Fountain Pens of Esterbrook Book


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